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aaaw, that feels better :-D

A child-like spirit is vital to happiness…


I think I am already on the road of happiness

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“A child-like spirit is vital to happiness, health, and well-being. “The child”, Nietzsche says, “is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a sport, a self-propelling wheel, a Sacred Yes”. The lion becomes a child when the individual who says “I will” ceases to affirm their values contrary to the law of “Thou Shalt”, and affirms them instead “for the sport of creation: the spirit now wills its own will, … its own world”. Life is no longer a reactive struggle to defeat other forces. Life is a celebration of one’s powers – a sustained act of pure affirmation. The child-like spirit knows the joy of life and the innocence of perpetual creation’.” – From Nietzsche’s Three Metamorphoses

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You know what?

If people don’t like you that is their problem, not yours. You just be the nice person you are and be kind to those who don’t like you. They don’t know what they are missing.   I think such people judge you by what they see on the outside, they can’t see the inside of you and that is a problem.  Just love such people.

An Owl

Because I love owls.. They are one of the wisest animals on earth.  They are creatures of the night, I am a night person. I become more alive in the night than the day.  I think if I weren’t human I would be an owl.  Sometimes you’ll see me standing in front of your window because I am pretending to be an an owl.  In the day I walk into poles because I can’t see well, or maybe it’s just because I am looking down at my phone tweeting.




Here is a cool poem from the movie The Invisible and the scene from the movie where Nick Powell aka Justin Chatwin reads the poem

Day burns down to night,
Burns the edge of my soul.
In the night
I break into sparks of suns
And become fires in a dust of bones
Night knifes
My breath swallows whole my tongue
Turn back
Reverse return
In the night I see the real
Concealed in the day’s bright lie
Eyes stitched shut
White teeth smile
Sleep walks and talks
And feet mark time of day
to the drumless beat

You don’t understand the poem, here let me explain it to you:

I’m not the best at this, but my perception is that he’s talking about having nightmares.


BURNS THE EDGE OF MY SOUL- I think it burns his soul because in the day time he’s forced to be someone he’s not and his soul is burning away.


AND I BECOME FIRES IN A DUST OF BONES- he realizes he is the one killing soul. He’s forcing it to burn away.


TURN BACK, REVERSE, RETURN – symptoms of a nightmare. Short breath, turning




SLEEP WALKS, AND TALKS – his dreams show him the truth of what’s happening because when he’s out in the world all he sees in the lies of how everyone, especially his mother, wants him to be.



Owl City created a new album

I’m ecstatic
like a drug addict
Locked in the attic, strung out and spellbound.  And sincerely, I love you dearly oh but I’m clearly destined to wander

This is just a few lyrics of Owl City, Beautiful Times  it’s my favourite lyrics from the song.  I am so happy I immediately became like a little child when I heard of his new album.

Here is the song to listen Owl City, Beautiful Times

Go download the song for free here after you have reach the lighthouse Beautiful Times free download

This is just me

Today at work someone told me that he will be a great husband for me. So I told him, “Sorry, I have a really great blanket at home.” He said, “But it’s getting cold..” I said, “Didn’t you hear me, I said I have a GREAT BLANKET at home.” I don’t just choose that easily who I want to be with, I am a very hard to know person and you got to be very awesome to want to be with me. Don’t you worry, they have it very clear not to bother me again. People there only care about having a guy to lean on to, I just shake my head.

Something I would like to achieve one day

Is to have my own business where I don’t have to work for anyone anymore.  It’s torture to work for somebody if you don’t feel the same as me.  Maybe do what I really like to do like become a photographer who likes to take creative pictures or draw people’s faces on paper.  Those portrait artist.  I don’t know, maybe do both…. I’ll tell you when I finally decide and these stuff become a reality.  I am not quite sure of myself yet.

Mean people make me sad


Maybe I am just a little sensitive but I sure do like this tweet the person posted.   Mean people should be deleted because you are just friendly and they are mean to you for no reason.  It makes me sad.

Just keep on moving, that’s all


Another drawing I did, I just felt like sharing this. I think I am going to share some of my drawings more often on this blog.  This is just some characters from my mind. I am just going to keep on going and see where I will end up.  Fight some dragons a long the way and some other stuff that might get in my way like politicians.  I really want to meet just ONE honest politician, those are my favourite politicians, the honest one.   I am not sure if they exist, but I like to believe that somewhere there is a honest politician.  I know of one, Nelson Mandela. He was a good guy but he had to go to heaven because his duty was done here on earth, still now people remember him. It’s like his spirit still lives inside of us.  Well, some of us. 

My little stuffed monkey hanging from my closet door

I had this one for years now, it just hangs there doing nothing.  It’s fun being a monkey, isn’t it?  The monkey told me to draw him like one of my French girls.  He has been watching Titanic again.  I don’t know any ‘French girls’.


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