Tough girl


She can get through anything in life even mean people.  She doesn’t take mean people seriously.  She just punch the mean out of them and moves on.  Sometimes she has to do it twice.  She punches kindness into them.  Sometimes people are SO mean, kindness rejects them.  She doesn’t know what to do then…….  

It’s Easter time

I’m happy because it’s Easter and Easter means CHOCOLATE for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Actually, chocolate is for everyday.  But  Easter is also about Jesus, do you know Him.  He is the one who has risen from the dead.  I still don’t really know who has come up with a rabbit hiding chocolate eggs….. but I like it.  

Here is some quick sketches I made about Jesus rising and an Angel holding a sign saying “He is Risen’



See, I told you it was quick sketches.  And we also had some family over on Friday, here is a photo to prove it:


Just glad an avocado didn’t fell off the tree while they were sitting there… It would have hurt because our avocado’s are beginning to grow, and when I say grow they GROW bigger than that apple your eating. 

Okay, I think this is all for now. Enjoy the rest of the week.

keep calm

I can’t understand

I am put off by destructive, mean, cruel, violent, or wasteful behavior of others, and I cannot understand why they are that way?

Just to get everything clear

I am not angry, I am just thinking a lot.  I am really very happy.

Live Your Truth.

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Stuff makes me sad :-(

This woman at the place I work has to look after her sister’s kids because her sister is a drug addict.  This woman who is looking after the sister’s kids doesn’t know where her sister is or what she is doing.  Her sister doesn’t want to get help.   It is really a hard life for her but it seems she loves those kids very much.  I just cannot believe how anyone can be so stupid to leave their kids behind like that.  I wonder if that sister even thinks about her kids?  I hope those kids grow up to be good people like the one who is looking after them.   Kids are the future, so take good care of your kids and teach them to be good caring people. 

Thanks for reading, I just needed to tell you all this.    

The angel who helps and the broken angel



This angel is broken, she has been through a lot.  She doesn’t like to show her face.  She only shows her face to a few people.  She doesn’t trust a lot of people because of what had happen to her in the past.  She only has a few friends, which she shares everything, actually she has one.  She is not married, she prefers to walk the earth alone looking for wisdom.  She likes to help others have a better life. 



This is the angel who helps the depressed and the lonely.  This angel is not a saint, she/he has made mistakes also.  This angel is just always there for people who is going through a difficult situation.  The angel who helps brings peace to the world or at least tries to bring peace.  They don’t like to fight, they just want to love. 

This is not real life, this is only in my head.  I just made real people more awesome with wings.  I don’t know why I keep drawing things with wings…

The Buddha and some other random photos



As you can see he is busy praying, or that is what I like to think when I see such creatures.   That is why I call this creatures “Buddha”. 

I also sometimes take other random photos whenever I take a walk. 


I don’t know what this yellow thing is called but I all I know that it’s poison and it will kill you if you eat it, I think.  I didn’t asked the guy who was sleeping next to it what it was.  I hope he was sleeping. 


This is a plant caught in a spiders web.  If you look closely it looks like something from a sci-fi film.  Weird!  Maybe it was and the spider saw it and captured it before it kills all humans.  Thanks spider, I will never scream when I see you again. 

I was looking for that photo of the ants I took but I couldn’t find it.  So here is a photo of me trying to look like miley cyrus. 


Nope, I will never be as “cool” as miley cyrus, I’m sorry if I just scared your kid away. 

7th Heaven, the best show ever from 1996 – 2007

I think this was the only show on television that wasn’t mindless, nowadays there is crappy shows on television.  What is the use in buying a television today when we have internet?   I need a time machine so I can go back in time and watch this show as a little kid.

Here is a video of the 7th Heaven theme song.  I liked hanging out with this family when I was a kid.

Be Like Water

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