Watcha got already part 2

And another exercise from find your path in life I have to tell you where I get this exercises so you can do it too.  If you want to!

Now I have a list of skills and my abilities as described in my previous post I now define myself as a creative person.  I can also describe myself as a ‘Creative outside the box thinker’.  I don’t really know, I am still young and oh shit, almost 25.  What do people do when they are 25?  I don’t know, I have never been 25.  I am not quite sure about myself yet but I am not giving up.  I am a mystery to myself.

So, I have taken my skills and abilities list in my previous post and wrote next to each one what it is.

  • Creative: Artist again
  • Artistic:   Graphic design, writing, drawing, painting, design stuff, drumming
  • Intelligent: I am a intelligent Panda and human being.  Everybody is intelligent. I also love intelligent conversations.
  • Helping:  I like to think of creative ways to help people.
  • Outside the box thinker:  Teacher, what other person can think outside the box.
  • Writing: Like become a children’s book writer and maybe a book for grown ups too.
  • Clear thinker: This is a teacher, I like teachers.  A teacher doesn’t have to be someone who works in school. If you look closely you will find out that everyone is your teacher, everything is your teacher.
  • knowing stuff; I like knowing stuff
  • Reading people: I love observing and reading people, psychologist.
  • Cooking: A chef but I don’t want to be a chef, I just want to cook for fun
  • Baking: it is a great idea to bake cookies and start  your own little bakery from home.
  • Quick thinker; This has got to be a teacher, only a teacher can think quickly. Do you have teacher blood in you, can you think qiuckly?
  • Accountant: I think I will enjoy being an accountant because of the solitary it offers. On the other hand it will also be boring but it is a good career path.  What is the use in doing this if you will not be happy in this? 
  • Able to eat 100+ Jelly beans a day: “             “

After all this I am still a mystery to myself, will I ever find my true self?   I don’t know, you and I have to stick on this blog to see if I will discover my meaning in life. I never understand why some people find it so easy to find what they want to do and I am stuck here wondering what I want to do???? 

2 responses

  1. Eating 100+ jelly beans a day is quite a talent! Maybe you can work for the Jelly Belly company as a quality control taste tester…

    December 23, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    • Yes, that will be a very fun job to have

      January 9, 2014 at 9:04 am

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